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How many retailers are actually doing a good job with their subscribe forms?

How many are already GDPR compliant? How are you best to gain permission without using a pre-ticked checkbox box after GDPR?

These are just some of the questions that have been addressed within this unique report, which is suitable for all sectors.

Don’t be under the illusion that this report only contains facts and figures – it does in abundance. However, in addition to gaining these insights you will also:

  • Gain expert advice on growing your subscribers from some of the leading minds in email marketing
  • Learn from these findings, to help you shape and plan your forms in readiness for GDPR
  • Be equipped with ideas to test to ensure that your list will grow beyond May 2018.

“If you take one thing from this report, it should be that your subscription form shouldn’t be a trick or a secret hidden away. It should be loud and proud at the top of your website attracting “active, informed and engaged customers” – Jo Crawford, Snr CRM Manager, MR PORTER

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