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Artificial intelligence and machine learning, once only the province of enterprise-level experiments, today power many of the marketing automation and personalisation platforms available to a wide range of marketers.

But what do email, and CRM marketers think about artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML)? Are they using it for greater efficiency on the back end and higher customer response on the front end, and are they satisfied with their results? Or, are they taking a “wait and see” approach?

These are two of the questions this report will answer, based on the findings in a survey of UK email and CRM marketers and marketing managers, conducted earlier this year by Sailthru, Liveclicker and Holistic Email Marketing.

What you’ll learn in this report

  • How many marketers have adopted some form of AI/ML
  • How they use AI/ML and their greatest challenges
  • The types of metrics being used to measure success, and how they vary among marketers
  • How ROI perceptions and company size affect their attitudes
  • Most common testing procedures using AI/ML
  • Recommendations to improve use and results in email planning, creation, scheduling and optimisation