Here are our reports, written in collaboration with some amazing industry partners who sponsored the production of these reports.

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    Email Marketing Personalisation Report

    Grab your copy of our latest report on Email Personalisation Email personalisation is no longer just something that’s nice to have. Rather, it’s essential for keeping the email relationship alive and well. But are all email marketers taking advantage of this wonderful tool? We wanted to know the answer. So we teamed up with Pure360 and… keep reading →

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  • Customer Experience Email Marketing: Getting Ahead of the Consumer

    Grab your copy of our latest report on Customer Experience Email Marketing Customer Experience Email Marketing (CX Email Marketing) is a balanced approach to email marketing in which brands achieve their goals and objectives by helping customers achieve theirs. It shouldn’t be a radical notion, but a quick glance through the inbox will reveal message after… keep reading →

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  • email marketing vendor satisfaction report

    Email Marketing Vendor Satisfaction Report

    How satisfied are you with your email service provider? What are the key factors that influence your experience? How do your opinions and experiences compare with your fellow marketers? Our new email marketing vendor satisfaction report pinpoints marketers satisfaction (or the lack of it) A new study by Holistic Email Marketing and Tripolis aims to… keep reading →

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  • Why Personalisation Matters: It’s Not Just About Marketing

    Grab your copy of Why Personalisation Matters: It’s Not Just About Marketing… Personalisation is the fuel that drives better email marketing performance. It stands to reason: People will always pay more attention to any messages that speak to them as individuals. A robust email personalisation programme can help solve business challenges throughout the company. You’ll see… keep reading →

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  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in UK Email Marketing

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning, once only the province of enterprise-level experiments, today power many of the marketing automation and personalisation platforms available to a wide range of marketers. But what do email, and CRM marketers think about artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML)? Are they using it for greater efficiency on the back end… keep reading →

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  • Email Subscribe Forms Report

    Preparing for GDPR: The State of Retail Email Subscribe Forms 2018

    Download the email subscribe forms report below In partnership with  How many retailers are actually doing a good job with their subscribe forms? How many are already GDPR compliant? How are you best to gain permission without using a pre-ticked checkbox box after GDPR? These are just some of the questions that have been addressed… keep reading →

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  • The State of Unsubscribing in 2016

    Authored by Kath Pay, this email unsubscribe report from Alchemy Worx and Smart Insights, shines a light on the email unsubscribe process of 87 retail brands – and how many are falling short. With recommendations for delivering a good email unsubscribe experience, and insights into why it’s so important, it’s a must-read for anyone wanting… keep reading →

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  • The State of Email Marketing by Industry January 2016

    Compared to the industry standards how effective are you campaigns, really? Are they exactly what the subscribers expect? You’ll find the answers to these and other questions in this post + exclusive report – Email Marketing by Industry January 2016, written by Kath Pay in collaboration with GetResponse and SmartInsights.   According to data from… keep reading →

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