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We get out and about a lot, speaking at industry events and conferences worldwide. Here’s where we’ll be appearing next…


Email Evolution Conference
– New Orleans, 4-6 April 2018

Conversion World
– Online, 18-19 April 2018

Future Email Marketing Conference
– Lisbon, 20 April 2018
Also featuring as a judge for the EDDM Awards

In Action


We had the pleasure to have Kath on stage at both of our email industry conferences: Mail My Day (held in Warsaw) and Email Day London. Kath gave a dynamic talk that proved a hit with both audiences, receiving an outstanding score. She demonstrated a deep knowledge of the email industry that she effectively communicated, combining data, tactics and a sharp wit. We have nothing but admiration for her and cannot recommend Kath enough! – Maria Wachal, Freshmail

In January 2014 I attended the Email Evolution Conference in Miami, FL where Kath delivered an inspiring presentation about the psychological approach of email marketing. Her talk empowered me to think differently about the way I create. What she shared alone… made the trip worthwhile. I am now viewing emails in a totally different light and am leading my organization in using a psychological approach in our email development. Many thanks for passing along your wisdom and especially “The Rule of 3”
Scott Carlton, World Vision

We invited Kath to produce a series of seminars for our staff over a three day period to educate them in the finer points of email marketing and the “do’s and don’ts”. Each part of our business was addressed by Kath, from Sales to Account Managers, Marketing to Web Design and Production. In three days we accumulated knowledge and expertise which would have taken us years to acquire had we not engaged Kath. She is truly an expert in her field, and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to know more about communication through Digital Channels. She’s also charming and knows how to “hold a room”! We were very pleased with Kath and we are already reaping benefits from her advice.
Lincoln Austin, Perspektiv

Prior to meeting Kath, her reputation as one of the top thought leaders in the email industry preceded her. Through colleagues and mutual friends, I was familiar with her work well before we met in 2010. After more than a year of working together and often speaking together, I am continuously impressed with Kath’s insights. She is what every strategist or thought leader should aspire to be — as personable as she is bright and as pragmatic as she is creative.
Richard Evans, Silverpop

Past Speaking Events


Figaro Digital Email Seminar – London, February 2018
What You’re Missing With A/B Email Testing – Jonthan Pay

Media Post Email Insider Summit Europe – Switzerland, February 2018

Digital Marketing Summit – London, January 2018
Test For Success: Optimising Your Forms For GDPR


Figaro Digital Email Seminar – London, October 2017
Steps To Increase Your Email Marketing Conversions

Digital Growth Unleashed – London, October 2017

Email Innovations Summit London – October 2017

Holistic Live Together Bristol with Pure 360 – 14 September 2017
It’s all about Marketing Automation

Litmus Live London – August 2017
What You’re Missing in A/B Email Testing – Jonathan Pay

Figaro Digital Email Seminar – London, August 2017
Illuminating The Secrets Of Dark Patterns, And How They Can Negatively Affect Your Brand

Holistic Live! Together Manchester with Pure 360 – 5 July 2017

Media Post Email Insider Summit – Barcelona, 26-27 June 2017

Email Day London – 14 June 2017
RCN Conference – Newport, Rhode Island, 13 June 2017

Email Evolution Conference – New Orleans, 1-3 May 2017

Email Innovations Summit – Las Vegas, 19-20 April 2017

B2B Marketing Expo – London, March 2017

Mail My Day – Warsaw, March 2017

Figaro Digital Email Seminar
– London, 21 February 2017
Realise The Benefits Of Holistic Testing

Holistic Live Together London – 1 February 2017


Communigator Seminar – 24 November 2016
Ecommerce Conference – Kiev, Ukraine, 26 October 2016
Email Innovations Summit – London, 12-13 October 2016
Communigator Customer Conference – 28 September 2016
Inbox Marketing Conference – London, 26 September 2016
Communicator Seminar – London 23 June 2016
DDMA Summit Netherland – 9 June 2016
Conversion Conference OI Summit – 18-19 May 2016
Dialog Summit Frankfurt – 2-3 May 2016
Marketing Week Live – London, 27 April 2016
Email Evolution Conference – 30 March-1 April 2016
Evensys Romania – 25 February 2016

2015 and 2014

Future of Email – 3 August & 3 September 2015
Email Innovation Summit Chamonix – 8-11 February 2015
DMA Email Event – 4 Feb 2014


Econsultancy Roundtable – 14 June 2013
Internet World – 23rd April 2013
Email Evolution Conference – Miami, 7 February 2013


International Email Marketing Summit @ Your Desk – 15 November 2012
Designing Email Templates for Mobile: Do’s and Don’ts – Kath Pay
BrightTalk webcast – 13 November 2012
The Power of Video in email – Leveraging their Strengths
Apsis’ Email Marketing Evolved Conference – Stockholm, 24 October 2012
B2B Email Marketing Best Practices
BrightTalk webcast – 19 September 2012
Revenue Performance Management and email – a Powerful Duo
BrightTalk webcast – 28 June 2012
How Email can help you Grow your Community
International Email Marketing Summit @ Your Desk – 16 May 2012
Testing & Optimising the Email Journey
International Email Marketing Summit @ Your Desk – 16 May 2012
Tips & Tricks for Designing Emails for a Mobile Audience
TravelZoom – Slovenia, 23 March, 2012
IDM Complete Digital Marketing Course – March 22, 2012
Email Marketing Module
Econsultancy, Digital Cream – London March 15 2012
Econsultancy’s Advanced Email Marketing Course – March 7 2012
OMI Social Media Summit – 24 February 2012
How to Generate Leads & Drives Revenues with Social and Email Marketing
TFM&A, OMI Workshop – 29 February 2012
How to make Email Work in the Mobile World
IDM Advanced Email Marketing Course – January 16-17, 2012
Brighttalk’s Demand Generation Summit – 10 January 2012
The Ins and Outs of B2B Deliverability


Fusion Marketing experience – Belgium, 2 December 2011
Key takeaways customer-centric & cross-channel conversion success
IDM Complete Digital Marketing Course – 23 November 2011
Email Marketing Module
AdTech New York – 8-10 November 2011
Integrating Email and Social Media
Email Marketing Day @ Your Desk – 4 October 2011
Using the Aggregation of Marginal Gains to Test your Way to Success
DMA Email Marketing Lifecycle Series: Retention – 20 September 2011
How to create a newsletter programme that delivers results 
Silverpop EMEA Client Conference – London, 1 June 2011
The Evolution of Email Marketing
Brandrepublic webinar – 26 May 2011
Smart Email Marketing: Cut Through And Spark Sales From Today’s Consumers
Online Marketing Connect webinar – 30 March 2011
The Evolving Inbox
Fusion Conference – Brussels, 23 March 2011
The Evolving Inbox
New Media Age – 10 March 2011
Tips and Tricks for 2011
Online Marketing Summit – London, 25 February 2011
The Evolving Inbox


European Email Marketing Conference – London, 1 November 2010
Workshop: Ready Steady Email 
SmartFOCUS Client Conference – 30 September 2010
Tips and Tricks for Maximising your Creative for Conversion 
Nationale Email Marketing Conferentie – Utrecht, 8 September 2010
Excellence in Email Marketing (Don’t be Mr Average) 


European Email Marketing Conference – Barcelona, 13 November 2009
Chair of Deliverability Panel
Email Evolution Conference – USA, 10 February 2009
Marketing to Europe — The Do’s and Don’ts
International Direct Marketing Fair – London, April 2004
European Email Marketing Legislation-the Do’s and Don’ts