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Series 3, Episode 7, Tuesday 25th October 2022

Email & More… Persuasive Copywriting for Email Marketing

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Email copywriting – good, persuasive copywriting – can make or break most email campaigns. However, very little is spoken or written about it – so we’re going to try and rectify this with these fabulous experts.

Join this discussion and discover what Helen Rankin of Cheeky Wipes, Jen Pike of Cannadips, Janet Roberts of JR Copy, Kath Pay of Holistic Email Marketing, as well as your host for this episode, Skip Fidura – all have to say.

Helen Rankin
Managing Director
Jen Pike
Haim & Melissa Pekel
VPs Growth & Marketing
Kath Pay
Founder & CEO
Eman Ismail
Janet Roberts
Skip Fidura
Fractional CMO

We’ll be tackling questions like:

  • What is persuasive copy?
  • What are the key differences between brand-centric and customer-centric copy?
  • How do you achieve the balance between being on-brand and being customer-centric?
  • What’s your biggest and most helpful tip for email copywriters?

…and more

As always, you’re invited to be a key participant in our persuasive copywriting discussion. The virtual meeting room will open for friendly networking before the panel discussion begins. You’re always welcome to ask questions at any time, too.

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