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Series 5, Episode 4, 18 June 2024

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Email & More: Gaining High ROI with Marketing Automations


  • Skip Fidura: Fractional CMO
  • Kath Pay: Founder & CEO, Holistic Email Marketing
  • Jen Russell: Director, PSECU
  • Mark Ford: Head of CRM, AllSaints

People say even mediocre email marketing can make money. But you can make much more when you use a strategically designed set of email automations! Join our panel of experts to discover which automations will power up your email programme and how to choose the ones that will serve you best.

In this episode, Skip Fidura and panellists discuss strategies for creating effective marketing automation programs to drive real ROI. Featuring insights from Kath Pay, Mark Ford from AllSaints, and Jen Russell from PSECU. They delve into the importance of understanding customer journeys, continuous optimization, and common pitfalls in email automation. Key discussions also include leveraging emerging technologies and the value of data-centric approaches in enhancing email marketing campaigns.