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In 2024 we continue our series of panel discussions on industry topics, with industry leaders and friends. Hosted from March through November 2024 on Tuesdays, 11.30 am ET / 4.30 pm GMT.

  1. Email Marketing Call-To-Actions That Convert, 26 March
  2. Lead With Strategy, 23 April
  3. Gen-AI Copywriting for Email Marketing, 21 May
  4. Gaining High ROI With Marketing Automation, 18 June
  5. Interactive Email Marketing, 23 July
  6. Deliverability – In Readiness For Holiday Season, 20 August
  7. Growing Your Email Marketing List, 17 September
  8. Metrics, Hold-out Tests, and Building a Business Case. 22 October
  9. Innovations in Email Marketing, 19 November


The first of its kind within the realm of email marketing. A series of free online Q&A panels, consisting of brand-side and vendor-side expert panellists providing insights on all things to do with email marketing & more… Think of it like a fun and casual chat in the pub with your work colleagues!






  • [On-Demand] Email Marketing Call-To-Actions That Convert

    Series 5, Episode 1, 26 March 2024  Email & More: Email Marketing Call-To-Actions That Convert The email call to action (CTA) is more than just a few well-chosen words on a pretty button. It  must attract attention, tell viewers what to do, and hint at what will happen when they do it. That’s one… keep reading →

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  • [On–demand] Lead With Strategy

    Series 5, Episode 2, 23 April 2024  Email & More: Lead With Strategy Running an email programme without a guiding strategy is like traveling the world without a map. You can’t expect to achieve your goals if you don’t have a cohesive plan to get there. In this session, our panelists will share their… keep reading →

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  • [On-Demand] Gen-AI Copywriting for Email Marketing

    Series 5, Episode 3, 21 May 2024 Email & More: Gen-AI Copywriting for Email Marketing Generative AI isn’t just the newest shiny toy. Today it can be one of a marketer’s most useful tools. Join this fast-paced panel discussion to learn how successful marketers use GenAI to save time, and inform their testing programmes. Also… keep reading →

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  • Gaining High ROI with Marketing Automations

    Series 5, Episode 4, 18 June 2024 Email & More: Gaining High ROI with Marketing Automations Event Date: 18 June 2024 Start Time: 4:30 PM BST Panellists: Skip Fidura: Fractional CMO Kath Pay: Founder & CEO, Holistic Email Marketing Jen Russell: Director, PSECU Mark Ford: Head of CRM, AllSaints People say even mediocre email marketing… keep reading →

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  • Interactive Email Marketing

    Series 5, Episode 5, 23 July 2024 Email & More: Interactive Email Design True or false: Email messages are just the means to an end. The conversion always happens on the website. Answer: False, false, and false! Email conversions no longer happen just on websites. Many brands are defying the naysayers and finding new ways… keep reading →

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  • Deliverability – in readiness for Holiday Season

    Series 5, Episode 6, 20 August 2024 Email & More: Deliverability – in Readiness for Holiday Season Now’s the time to tune up your email deliverability. Don’t wait until things break down at the busiest time of the year! Especially not in 2024, when inbox access is more complicated than ever. Our panel of deliverability… keep reading →

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  • Growing Your Email Marketing List

    Series 5, Episode 7, 17 September 2024 Email & More: Growing Your Email Marketing List What’s your go-to plan to attract new subscribers? You need to do more than slap a sign-up form at the bottom of your website homepage. If you need fresh ideas for acquiring high-value subscriber, register now for this discussion. Our… keep reading →

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  • Metrics, hold-out testing and building a business case

    Series 5, Episode 8, 22 October 2024 Email & More: Metrics, testing and building a business case Email is a numbers game. Numbers let you know whether your programme is achieving its goals, help you assess which tests performed better, and support your requests for more investment in email. But which numbers matter most? Find… keep reading →

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  • Innovations in Email Marketing

    Series 5, Episode 9, 19 November 2024 Email & More: Innovations in Email Marketing When you sign up for this discussion, you won’t get the usual round of trend predictions for 2025. Our panel of email pros will review everything that’s changing in email technology, strategy, inbox access, and customer expectations and look ahead to… keep reading →

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