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Series 4, Episode 8, 17 October 2023

Email & More… The Relationship Between CX & Retention

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What happens when customers interact with your brand could make them loyal customers or turn them off forever. Your email marketing programme is a big part of the customer experience! Is your CX strategy up to the task? 

Explore all the ways you can use email to create a positive customer experience and increase retention. Watch on-demand for expert insights and hands-on advice from these email marketing experts: Silvia Chaver, Digital & CRM Manager of LVMH Fragrance Brands; Lisa Petit, CRM Lead Developer of Specsavers; Alyssa Moynihan, Global Email and Automation Specialist of UNICEF; with Kath Pay, CEO/Founder of Holistic Email Marketing and moderator Skip Fidura.

The panel covers these topics and more:

  • What affects the digital shopper’s customer experience
  • How email can build or destroy a customer’s experience with a brand
  • CX strategies and tactics of global brands
  • Creating a CX strategy for retention