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Series 4, Episode 4, 13 June 2023

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Email & More… The Ins & Outs of Win-back Email Campaigns

Retaining customers is cheaper than acquiring them. But much more is at stake than a shrinking subscriber list. When they go silent – or worse, defect to another brand – they take their spending power and customer loyalty with them. 

Sending a “We Miss You” campaign after 6 months of inactivity isn’t enough to wake up your sleepers or bring them back to visit your site again. What’s the answer? Find out when you Join Holistic Email Marketing for Email and More: The Ins & Outs of Win-Back Email Campaigns on 13 June. 

What you’ll learn in just 60 minutes:

  • Why customers lose interest in your brand 
  • How to detect the early-warning signals of attrition
  • Structuring an effective win-back email programme
  • Which brands are using email to win the retention game