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Series 4, Episode 6, 15 August 2023

Email & More… Find Your Low-hanging Fruit to Increase Email Conversions

Good news! You don’t need to overhaul your entire email programme to get better results from it. You just need to track down some quick wins that you’re not capitalising on right now. The question is – where do you look to uncover the opportunities you’re currently overlooking? 

Find out when you join our 6 email experts on 15 August for Email & More… Find Your Low-Hanging Fruit to Increase Email Conversions. We’ll share practice advice and take your questions and comments on topics like these:

  • Where customers are most likely to fall out of your funnel
  • How to plug gaps in your email programme
  • Which metrics will give you better insight into your email performance
  • How to turn quick wins into long-term gains

As always, you’re invited to be a key participant in our 15 August conversation. The virtual meeting room will open for friendly networking before the panel discussion begins. You’re always welcome to ask questions at any time, too.