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Series 4, Episode 9, 14 November 2023

Email & More… Attribution, Metrics and Reporting

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It’s our last episode of Email & More Season 4, and we’re going out in a big way! 

Watch these fantastic industry experts tackle three business operations you must master to achieve long-term success, especially in these days of high expectations and tight budgets.

Holistic’s Kath Pay and Moderator Skip Fidura welcome Jen Russell, PSECU, Corrina Cohen, NBC Sports, Riaz Kanani, RadiateB2B, and Dela Quist to the panel. We’ll talk about why it’s so important to measure and document all the ways email contributes to your company goals, what goes wrong most often, and how to fix it. 

The panel will cover these topics and more:

  • The most effective way to measure email attribution
  • What could happen if you get any of them wrong
  • How to improve the processes
  • Why reporting is more than listing numbers in a spreadsheet
  • Which metrics we overlook most often