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Series 3, Episode 1, Tuesday 26th April 2022

Email & More… CRM Vendor Selection

Watch this panel on CRM Vendor Selection with moderator Adeola Sole of Holistic Email Marketing and expert panellists; Kath Pay of Holistic Email Marketing, Jakob M. Holm of Pandora, Tracy Ilunga of Capgemini, and Philip Johnson of Iterable.

Discover how brands like Pandora and Capgemini manage the CRM vendor selection process and get tips and advice directly from the experts during this panel discussion.

Jakob M. Holm
Director, Email Marketing
Tracy Ilunga
Head of CRM
Philip Johnson
Solutions Consultant
Kath Pay
Founder & CEO

This is always a popular topic amongst email and CRM marketers. We tackled questions such as:

  1. Do I need to provide a formal RFP or can I just wing it?
  2. How should I start the process of selecting a new CRM vendor?
  3. How much time and resources will I need to prepare and budget for?
  4. Onboarding – what does this process look like and from your experience, how long does it usually take?

A couple of clips from Series 2’s Vendor Selection for CRM Tools discussion.