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Series 3, Episode 8, Tuesday 15th November 2022

Email & More… Email Marketing Trends

The topic we all look eagerly for every year. What do we need to be thinking of in regards to trends, tactics, technology, creative, and deliverability? We have you covered.

Una Faller-McCauley
Janine Hamilton
Automation Manager
Kisha Robinson
CRM Development Manager
Adeola Sole
Senior Consultant

With our team of experts, we will be covering questions like:

  • What trend do you see being used most?
  • What trend do you see as having the most impact or success?
  • What trend or future trend do you stand by for 2023?
  • Are there any trends which you see as falling by the wayside?

…and more

As always, you’re invited to be a key participant in our discussion about email marketing trends. The virtual meeting room will open for friendly networking before the panel discussion begins. You’re always welcome to ask questions at any time, too.