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Series 3, Episode 3, Tuesday 28th June 2022

Email & More… The Art & Science of Email Personalisation & AI

Personalisation is essential for a successful email programme. But how can we use personalisation more effectively to enhance our customers’ experience?

In this episode, we’ll tap the expertise of Faithful Adia (HelloFresh), Jess Evans-Tudor (Rated People), Alice Ribton (Iterable), Kath Pay & Andrea Amboyer (Holistic Email Marketing), and episode host Skip Fidura.

Faithful Adia
Senior Marketing
Automation Manager
Jess Evans-Tudor
Head of CRM
Alice Ribton
Strategic Enterprise
Customer Success Manager
Andrea Amboyer
Kath Pay
Founder & CEO
Skip Fidura
Fractional CMO

Join us to hear the panellists discuss questions like these:

  • Why does personalisation matter?
  • How would you advise a marketer who hasn’t begun the journey of personalisation?
  • What problems have you conquered when implementing personalisation? Any horror or hero stories to tell?
  • How integral is an AI engine? Can you personalise without one?
  • If you have an AI engine, what role do you play as a marketer in your personalisation strategy?

As always, you can participate in our personalisation conversation, not just observe. The virtual meeting room will open for friendly networking before the panel discussion begins. Feel free to ask questions at any time, too.