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Series 3, Episode 2, Tuesday 24th May 2022

Email & More… A/B Testing in Email Marketing

What’s your greatest frustration with A/B testing? Deciding what to test, setting it up, using the results to improve your email marketing programme, or something else?

Bring your questions to our next webinar and get expert advice from Victoria Scott (Marks & Spencer), Phil Hill (Rover.com), Kath Pay & Andrea Amboyer (Holistic Email Marketing), and episode host Adeola Sole (Holistic Email Marketing).

Victoria Scott
CRM Campaign Manager
Phil Hill Jr
Retention Marketing,
Associate Manager
Andrea Amboyer
Kath Pay
Founder & CEO
Adeola Sole
Senior Consultant

Our panel will address these questions and more:

  • Why do most email marketers test subject lines and nothing else?
  • Are CRMs, ESPs and A/B split toolkits up for the job? If not, what could be done to improve them?
  • What are your favourite testing tips?
  • What is the key metric for A/B split testing?

As always, you can participate in our A/B split testing conversation, not just observe. The virtual meeting room will open for friendly networking before the panel discussion begins. Feel free to ask questions at any time, too.