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In 2022 we continued Email & More with Season 3, a series of panel discussions on industry topics, with industry leaders and friends. Hosted from April through November 2022, and now available on-demand!


The first of its kind within the realm of email marketing. A series of free online Q&A panels, consisting of brand-side and vendor-side expert panellists providing insights on all things to do with email marketing & more… Think of it like a fun and casual chat in the pub with your work colleagues!

The previous 2 seasons of Email & More have been listed as some of the top online events by Webbula, as voted by marketers. And Email & More Season 3 is set to join this list with expert panellists from brands such as Pandora, Hilton, UNIQLO, Marks & Spencer, Hello Fresh, Capgemini, SmileDirectClub and many more.


Every month, we bring together guest experts as a panel to discuss various aspects or topics of email marketing, with different special guests each time. Combined with the fabulous ability to network with your peers before the panel discussion, this is a unique must-attend event.

Created and managed by Holistic Email Marketing, Email & More Series 3 has become an invaluable, free resource for email and CRM marketers, so register for all the episodes and make sure you’re at the top of your game.

Email & More was named in both Webbula’s 2020 & 2021 lists of Best Email Marketing Webinars, Podcasts and Event Sessions. This honour is extra-special because marketers like you nominated and voted for us. Thank you so much!



  • [On-Demand] CRM Vendor Selection

    Series 3, Episode 1, Tuesday 26th April 2022 Email & More… CRM Vendor Selection Watch this panel on CRM Vendor Selection with moderator Adeola Sole of Holistic Email Marketing and expert panellists; Kath Pay of Holistic Email Marketing, Jakob M. Holm of Pandora, Tracy Ilunga of Capgemini, and Philip Johnson of Iterable. Discover how brands… keep reading →

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  • [On-Demand] A/B Testing in Email Marketing

    Series 3, Episode 2, Tuesday 24th May 2022 Email & More… A/B Testing in Email Marketing What’s your greatest frustration with A/B testing? Deciding what to test, setting it up, using the results to improve your email marketing programme, or something else? Bring your questions to our next webinar and get expert advice from Victoria Scott… keep reading →

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  • [On-Demand] The Art & Science of Email Personalisation & AI

    Series 3, Episode 3, Tuesday 28th June 2022 Email & More… The Art & Science of Email Personalisation & AI  Personalisation is essential for a successful email programme. But how can we use personalisation more effectively to enhance our customers’ experience? In this episode, we’ll tap the expertise of Faithful Adia (HelloFresh), Jess Evans-Tudor… keep reading →

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  • [On-Demand] Designing for Conversions within Email Marketing

    Series 3, Episode 4, Tuesday 26th July 2022 Email & More… Designing for Conversions within Email Marketing Designing for conversions is so much more than designing for aesthetics. It’s an art to achieve the delicate balance of both. Our guests for this essential conversation are Ornella Gallo (WeTransfer), Kath Pay & Adeola Sole (Holistic Email… keep reading →

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  • [On-Demand] The Ins and Outs of Email Deliverability

    Series 3, Episode 5, Tuesday 23 August 2022 Email & More… The Ins & Outs of Email Deliverability  As ISPs develop new ways to restrict inbox access, deliverability experts are discovering new methods to get more wanted emails delivered. These include authentication, load-balancing, domain and IP reputation and others. Good deliverability is an art! … keep reading →

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  • [On-Demand] Lifecycle Marketing and Automation

    Series 3, Episode 6, Tuesday 27th September 2022 Email & More… Lifecycle Marketing and Automation  Does lifecycle marketing still matter or do we have a better way of speaking to our customers based on their actions?  Join this discussion to discover the latest thinking about lifecycle marketing from veteran B2C email marketers Scott Cohen… keep reading →

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  • [On-Demand] Persuasive Copywriting for Email Marketing

    Series 3, Episode 7, Tuesday 25th October 2022 Email & More… Persuasive Copywriting for Email Marketing Email copywriting – good, persuasive copywriting – can make or break most email campaigns. However, very little is spoken or written about it – so we’re going to try and rectify this with these fabulous experts. Join this discussion… keep reading →

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  • [On-Demand] Email Marketing Trends

    Series 3, Episode 8, Tuesday 15th November 2022 Email & More… Email Marketing Trends The topic we all look eagerly for every year. What do we need to be thinking of in regards to trends, tactics, technology, creative, and deliverability? We have you covered. With our team of experts, we will be covering questions like:… keep reading →

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