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Series 2, Episode 2, Tuesday 2 March 2021

Email & More… Email’s Silver Bullet – Lifecycle Marketing

Join us for this panel on Lifecycle Marketing for Email with moderator Adeola Sole of Holistic Email Marketing and expert panellists; Kath Pay of Holistic Email Marketing, Samantha Iodice of The Sauce Experience, Kait Creamer of Framer, and Alexander Bjerkendahl of Delivery Hero.

Questions from the audience included:
– Where do you begin? With what you’ve already got and try and improve it or start with what you want/a blank piece of paper?
– Do you create segments &/or cohorts within your lifecycle marketing?
– What tips would you give for identifying the various segments/cohorts within your own individual user base?
– What are your recommendation for re-engaging dormant or non engagers in email? Have you tested messaging those users in other channels outside of email?
– In terms of catering content to what they ‘click on’ what technologies or data tools can help without implementing a full preference center data feed?
– As a marketer I often struggle to prioritise brand and relationship building emails due to the lack of short-term tangible benefits. Do you have tips or suggestions to sell low revenue drivers that support longer term retention to the business?

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