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Episode 5, Tuesday 11th August 2020

Email & More: Email Personalisation.

Join us for this live Q&A panel on Email Personalisation, with moderator Adeola Sole of Holistic Email Marketing and expert panelists; Kath Pay of Holistic Email, Mike Austin of FreshRelevance & Mia Papanicolaou of Striata.

To many marketers, personalisation is still new and a little scary. A few have mastered it, but the majority are still just finding out how best to use it, and technology and its outputs being incredibly varied, can make it quite challenging. Our Q&A addressed many commonly asked questions, plus gave quite a few tips and solid advice for the implementation of personalisation. Topics discussed included:

  • What is it about personalisation that makes it a must-have?
  • How personalisation enhances the customer experience, throughout the customer journey
  • Why you need to take a holistic approach with this and not just personalise email but the whole journey
  • Is personalisation the objective or the tactic?
  • How transactional and lifecycle emails are innately personalised as they’re based on actions or intent, and are an easy first step to achieving personalisation
  • Why transactional emails need to belong with marketing
  • How and where to start personalising

…and much more!

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You can also read Mia’s digest of the session over on the Striata blog!