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Episode 11, Tuesday 3rd November 2020

Email & More… Email & Landing Page Design.

Join us for this panel on Email & Landing Page Design, with moderator Adeola Sole of Holistic Email Marketing and expert panellists; Kath Pay of Holistic Email Marketing, John Thies of Email on Acid and Annett Forcier of EmailBoutique Digital.

The conversation covered the following points and so much more!

  • There’s more to email design when it comes to designing emails.
  • Email, a push channel, is a catalyst to conversion, not necessarily a direct converter.
  • Are there workarounds for an email team when the website team don’t have landing pages available?
  • Real world examples from clients and personal favourite brands.
  • Tips for creating new landing pages frequently
  • Using Master Templates to vary the design from email to email or landing page while retaining the design and objective.
  • Psychology design cues in email; Working with limited colour pallets and CTA hierarchy.
  • Number one tips to give marketers for email design…
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