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Episode 3, Tuesday 14th July 2020

Email & More: The Forgotten Women – Being Black in Email.

Join us for this ground-breaking panel on The Forgotten Women – Being Black in Email, with moderator Adeola Sole of Holistic Email Marketing and expert panelists; Sharna Sommerville of Movable Ink, Annette Evans of GPS, and Lisa Jones of Eyemail.

Topics discussed include:

  • Whether Black women should continue to work for change and growth within companies, or should they go the entrepreneur route to avoid limitations placed on them?
  • The ongoing effort in always having to defend your competency as a professional, as it’s always being questioned
  • The need for Black women to being included within the C-Suits, and not just as being a Director of Diversity
  • Being given less empathy for situations than others within the office
  • The ongoing challenge of whether to speak up for yourself and risk your job or position, or stay silent and safe
  • The enforced job-hopping in order to get the position and pay you deserve, as internal routes often do not allow for growth and progress through the ranks.
  • The inability to be authentic and true to themselves, and the need to be more ‘Caucasian’
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