Better inbox placement is within your grasp…

Seems as if it’s getting harder to crack the code on successful inbox placement, doesn’t it? That’s why Holistic and SparkPost have teamed up to bring you the latest strategies, tactics and success stories and help you reach the inbox more often.

In this half-day online event, you’ll get real-world info and advice from experts in the email industry and marketers who have taken control of their deliverability issues. Roundtable discussions will let you question presenters directly and network with your email peers.

Bonus: One lucky roundtable attendee will win Kath’s best-selling new ebook, Holistic Email Marketing: A practical philosophy to revolutionise your business and delight your customers.

What you’ll take away from this event: A better understanding of what you can do to address your most pressing deliverability issues now, before Black Friday and holiday shopping shift into high gear.

Good Deliverability Starts with Strategy – April Mullen

Good deliverability begins with a solid contact strategy for your email program. April’s presentation will help you finally understand how strong deliverability, inboxing and engagement depend on delivering relevance to your audience at all stages of the lifecycle.

How Printerpix Went from 0 to 100% Deliverability in Gmail – Kath Pay

Know-how and common sense can help you slay your biggest email dragon. Discover how a company like yours improved deliverability, then increased YoY revenue 297% for its Black Friday and Christmas campaigns. That’s no fairy tale!

Risks and Rewards: Rethinking Email Targeting in a Post-Covid Era – Sylvia Rolle

COVID-19 changed the game for email marketers across the industry. Learn how pivoted to meet the challenge of a post-pandemic world, what the team learnt from their users and how they didn’t burn out their mailing list in the process.

CareerBuilder Case Study: Deliverability from the Simple to Complex – Gary Grimes & Nicholas Perry

CareerBuilder share their deliverability success from simple to highly sophisticated strategies across their global email program. Their successful approach has led to more emails getting delivered to the inbox, less time spent on operations and increased their addressable audience.

Q&A Panel – All Speakers

Have a question from one of the presentations, or for one or more of the speakers? This is your time to ask!