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What: [Online Event] How Ethical Marketing Generates Loyal Customers, a Fireside Chat

When: Thursday 14th October, 4 pm BST / 12 pm EDT

Who: Kath Pay – Holistic Email Marketing
Guy Hanson – Validity
Adam Purslow – TheLoyaltyCo
Lauren Rooney – TheLoyaltyCo
Skip Fidura – Skip Fidura

What does “doing the right thing” mean in email marketing? Is it doing the right thing with data to avoid fines? Doing the right thing so customers stay loyal? Doing the right thing to maximise email deliverability rates?

Or is it a combination of all of these, where marketers employ fair and trustworthy practices to treat their customers correctly and compliantly, but without losing sight of economic performance – because doing the right thing can also increase customer lifetime value!

Whatever the answer, the movement for ethical and helpful marketing is well and truly in full swing. Big players like Apple are making waves and marketers are having to adapt, and fast!

Join Kath Pay, CEO at Holistic Email Marketing, Guy Hanson, VP Customer Engagement at Validity, Adam Purslow, CEO at TheLoyaltyCo., Lauren Rooney, Digital Marketing Manager at TheLoyaltyCo., and Skip Fidura, Fractional CMO, for an insightful fireside chat on the strong connection between ethical marketing and customer loyalty, and how data is the glue that holds it together.

Using the example of shared customer, TheLoyaltyCo., our email and marketing experts will be discussing:

  • Zero party data vs. first, second and third-party data
  • Tangible vs. intangible value of data
  • Explicit vs. implicit loyalty