Today’s customers want to see more than their names in the emails they receive from your brand. In fact, they insist on it – and will ignore your emails or worse, if they don’t see themselves in your messages. A personalisation plan requires a lot of moving parts to come together to create messages that break through inbox clutter and connect with your customers no matter where they are on their journey with your brand. If your personalisation efforts aren’t driving the results you have seen other brands achieve, then this is for you!

Join us for Individualisation: 3 steps towards a winning customer experience, brought to you by Holistic Email Marketing in partnership with Iterable.

Get Your Data Ducks in a Row – Philip Johnson, Solutions Consultant, Iterable

What you’ll learn: How to unify your data silos and data “quick wins” to power successful personalisation strategies. Including Q&A with Philip Johnson & Skip Fidura.

Anagnorisis:Or What the Ancient Greeks Can Teach us About Personalisation– Gianfranco Cuzziol, Global Head of CRM, Aesop

What you’ll learn: Inspiration and real-world take-aways you can use right away to begin creating your own personalisation plan. Including Q&A with Gianfranco Cuzziol & Skip Fidura.

Importance of A/B Testing your personalisation – Kath Pay, Founder/CEO, Holistic Email Marketing

What you’ll learn: How A/B testing your personalisation & automations can increase conversion and retention. Including Q&A with Kath Pay & Skip Fidura.