Holistic Email Marketing Approach

Everything that happens before and after your email, affects your results. 

That’s why, in 2010, we developed The Holistic Email Marketing Approach.

To get the best out of email marketing, you need to look at what surrounds it within the customer journey.

The Holistic Email Marketing Approach is about creating conversion-focused, customer-centric personalised marketing strategies, with email at the heart.

Unlike traditional multi-channel marketing that starts with the channel, the Holistic Approach starts with your customer and their journey to define the channel strategy.

And through the art of persuasion, marketing automation and cross-channel learnings, we craft a journey that converts.

So your customers meet their goal, and you meet yours.

Why use the Holistic Email Marketing Approach?

✔︎ Deliver a better personalised customer experience
A seamless journey is good for your customers, which is great for you.
✔︎ Increase the value of your conversions
Remove barriers to purchase to achieve small uplifts that add up to a lot.
✔︎ Grow your list
Build a bigger customer base by converting more of your website visitors.
✔︎ Solve problems and identify missed opportunities
Share learnings across all channels with strategic Holistic Email Testing.
✔︎ Increase your email marketing budget
Prove the value of email to your business by putting the Holistic Email Marketing Approach at the heart of your strategy.

The Holistic Email Marketing Approach in Action – meet Sophie…

We look at the strategy and creative of your ad and perform A/B testing for improved results.

We ensure your landing pages are consistent with the ad, optimising for increased conversions.

We review your subscription process is it persuasive, reassuring and frictionless? We make the most of this opportunity for you with a first purchase programme.

We look at the post-purchase journey - is it a cohesive experience that encourages further engagement with your brand or a second purchase?

We improve the checkout process by removing barriers and optimizing the customer experience. We enable increased conversions for you by creating abandoment programmes.

We create lapsing and win-back programmes
to re-engage your customers

We help you build relationships by creating automated programmes that are personalised to your customer's behaviour.