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Holistic Email Marketing: A practical philosophy to revolutionise your business and delight your customers

Highly Commended in the Sales & Marketing category of the 2021 Business Book Awards.

About the Book

It’s time to put the ‘marketing’ back into email marketing. Adopting a holistic approach to email marketing will help you break through barriers, serve your customers better and drive stronger results for your company. Holistic Email Marketing is a reliable source of up-to-date, practical guidance, inspiration and thought leadership to make your email marketing programmes dynamic. This book will enable you to:

  • Develop strategies and tactics that will make you a better email marketer
  • Craft email messages that your customers will love and act on
  • Achieve your goals by using ‘Helpful Marketing’
  • Apply a scientific method to testing and marketing to reduce waste and learn what works

About the Author

Kath Pay is a ground-breaking speaker and trainer in the art and science of email marketing. With more than two decades’ experience, she puts her knowledge into practice as founder and CEO of Holistic Email Marketing. Kath won the ANA/EEC Email Marketing Thought Leader Award for 2021.

Second Edition

The eagerly anticipated second edition will include new case studies, updated statistics, and more insights to keep you ahead of the curve. Don’t miss out—sign up now to be the first to know when the second edition is released!


“Kath’s insights go well beyond best practices and email strategy. She provides email marketers with a new way to think about email marketing, along with a clear path to help them get into the minds of their recipients and provide a truly great email experience. Maybe you’ve been working in email for years, like me. Maybe you’ve nailed the technical bits and are even seeing great returns from your email program. This book is still a must-read for anyone in the email marketing industry. Thought provoking, inspirational and a great example of how to do “helpful marketing” the right way. Highly recommended!”

“I’ve followed Kath’s work for years and have read many of her excellent and thought-provoking articles. This is a fantastic update to what she has consistently taught, an excellent primer if you’re just starting out in email marketing, and a way to deepen your knowledge if you’re more advanced.
Her message of treating people like real human beings rather than email addresses on a list, and of earning customer’s trust over the long-term resonates throughout the book. It also has perspectives that made me think anew – for instance, how customer-centric and data-centric strategies impact performance, and how ‘helpful marketing’ can help cultivate loyalty in a saturated marketing environment where trust is at an all-time low. Highly recommended.”

“If you have never attended a session by Kath or tuned into one of her online videos I suggest you stop reading this review and go do it now! Her ability to breakdown and unlock a problem that you may have been wrestling with for months around your CRM strategy is truly amazing.
This book has much the same effect. It is a clear, engaging guide about how to do email marketing well for today consumers. Whether you are new to the industry, or remember the day when dynamic content was the new kid on the block, this book has something to teach you and something for you to enjoy.
All I can say is buy it, and I promise you won’t regret it!”

“A must-read for every email marketer, whether you’re just starting out or managing millions of customer emails. It’s clear the principles and approaches in this book are built on many years of experience, with tried and tested methodology from an expert that has proven to deliver great results time and time again. Packed with clear, concise and practical steps from start to finish, this book offers something more – how thinking bigger and going beyond the framework that most follow, can make you a MUCH more effective email marketer. Grab it now for actionable insights that will drive your business forward, as they have mine.”

“Great book for any marketer, not only email marketer. Book covers every aspect of email marketing with a holistic view on it, so if you’re serious about it, get it now.
Kath’s broad knowledge on email marketing and her capability to explain things in an easy to digest way makes it a great read.
I’ve about 15 years of email marketing experience and I still found a lot of good information there. Highly recommend”

“Although having worked in CRM for over 20 years, this book reminds you there is always more to learn. Kath challenges some of your thinking, and helps even an experienced marketer question what they would normally consider as best practice and evolve their marketing strategy. Easy to read and some really practical suggestions that can help you and your team to achieve even stronger results – highly recommend”

“I’ve seen Kath speak at various conferences and knew already she was an expert in the email field, but this book takes it to the next level – it’s an email marketing bible! Full of useful, practical tips as well as broader level strategy which will definitely help me improve my company’s e-mail efforts.”

“A great book for those who work in email marketing or who want to know more about it. I have seen Kath speak at numerous industry events, and this book is packed full of the sensible, practical advice that Kath is renowned for in the email marketing world.”

“I’ve discovered Holistic email marketing from Twitter. I didn’t know the book or even Kath.
It was an incredible surprise to discover the ‘holistic’ point of view described in the book. For me, it is not just an email marketing book, but a marketing book that connects with email marketing. It solves a huge problem I constantly see with many email marketing operators: how to connect the dots!”

“I have followed Kath for such a long time and every time I hear her speak on stage, webinar or write an article, I learn a bit more about this crazy email marketing world. Now, what I love about the book is her great ideas are on my desk. This is a must read book for marketers as we traverse not only the craziness of the 2020 season, but also beyond. You need good ideas. You need to break from the monotony of your production schedule and get to where you’re not only having fun, but creating amazing data-centric programs. Establishing good foundations and pure innovation is what comes out of Kath’s writings. There’s a reasons why she’s one of the leading authorities in email marketing and after you read this, you will see why.”

“I’ve been in the email marketing game for over a decade, and this is a rare email marketing book that can speak to vets like me. I made the nightly mistake of reading this book before bed, and found myself filled with so many ideas that I couldn’t sleep. I read through the first half of the book and immediately ordered copies for the rest of my team. It’s that good.
Most email marketing books dabble in strategy, but mostly talk about tactics. They rarely speak to metrics beyond opens and clicks. This book covers it all (“Holistic Email Marketing” is an appropriate title). I wish this book had existed when I got started in email marketing because it’s an excellent primer for new email marketers who need to think beyond just getting campaigns out the door.”

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