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Email marketing deliverability issues? We can help!

Over the past 18 years we have help hundreds of companies resolve their deliverability issues. To assist us to do this, we perform a holistic email marketing deliverability audit. We will assess your current delivery rates and investigate the probable causes of why your email is currently being filtered to the spam folder or even worse, blocked.

The email marketing deliverability audit takes a holistic approach and consists of reviewing your overall sender reputation, infrastructure set up, data hygiene practices and content (copy, design and coding). Once we have performed this analysis, we will be able to identify specific causes that are impacting your delivery performance. But we don’t stop there. We will also provide guidance to rectify the issues and resolve your delivery problems, getting you back up and running to do what you’re best at – marketing to your prospects and customers.

Some additional services to consider

Often, the cause is actually due to the lack of a strategy or bad practices, so you may also want to consider a full email marketing audit, which can be included as part of this holistic email marketing deliverability audit.

“Faced with some specific deliverability challenges in our CRM programme, we were keen to enlist the help of a consultancy who specialised in email marketing. Holistic delivered an exceptionally thorough email marketing audit of our email marketing programme, covering every aspect of the customer journey. The audit provided clear, actionable insights and plenty of things to aspire to. We’ve been able to implement some improvements immediately, and have added a whole host of others to our roadmap. We are excited for the future of our email marketing programme, and we look forward to working with Kath and the team in the future.”

– Justine McMenemy, Not on the High Street

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