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Marketing Automation for B2B Businesses: Are you wanting to benefit from this age of automation and personalisation? Does the idea of targeting prospects and customers based on their persona, and where they are in the funnel and life stage sound just what you’re looking for?

B2B marketing has its own nuances and Marketing Automation can be a complex beast and we’re here to help. We’ve had years of experience in setting up Lead generation and lead nurturing campaigns for your clients, as well as implementing lead scoring and progressive profiling.

These types of campaigns are incredibly successful when designed correctly, as by their innate nature because they’re leveraging touch points and are delivering the right content/offer to the right person at the right time, they’re very personal.

We offer comprehensive services – including marketing automation strategy, persona identification, persuasive copywriting, conversion-centred design, testing and optimising of the customer journey, emails and landing pages, just to name a small selection of our services.

So get in touch today and let’s discover how Holistic can help you to achieve your goals.


Email Design Review
Email Marketing Strategy
ESP Vendor Selection
List Growth
Acquisition Programme
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Persuasive Psychology
Test & Optimise Plan
Segmentation Strategy
Lifecycle Marketing Automation
Optimise Customer Journey


Landing Page optimisation
Nurturing Programme
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Win-Back Programmes
Persuasive Copywriting
Conversion-Centred Design