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Email marketing solutions for ecommerce brands

Whether you’re in travel, retail, software or insurance, if you sell online you understand that the customer journey and how email fits into it is integral to success.

Maybe you’re struggling with too many single order customers (SOC’s) or want to ensure you’re sending the right offer to your multiple order customers (MOC’s). Or maybe you’re wanting to design an engaging nudge programme to keep in touch during a long buying/renewal cycle  –  we can help.

We offer comprehensive services – including lifecycle programme strategies, mapping and optimising the customer journey, persuasive copywriting, conversion-centred design, testing and optimising of the customer journey, emails and landing pages, just to name a small selection of our services. We weave persuasion psychology into all of our services to ensure you obtain the conversions that you require.

So get in touch today and discover how Holistic can help you to achieve your goals.


Email Design Review
Email Marketing Strategy
ESP Vendor Selection
List Growth
1st Purchase Programme
Optimise Customer Journey
Nudge Programmes


Persuasive Psychology
Increase your ROI
Test & Optimise
Segmentation Strategy
Lifecycle Marketing Automation
Optimise Customer Journey


Landing Page optimisation
2nd Purchase Programme
Abandonment Programmes
Date Triggered Programmes
Replenishment Programmes
Win-Back Programmes
Persuasive Copywriting
Conversion-Centred Design

Kath is fantastic and someone I hold in very high regard. She inspires me and her passion for email/CRM communications is amazing. She delivered a clear and concise email strategy for my company, which has allowed us to take our email marketing onto better routes to market. I cannot wait to work again with Kath. and drive our email marketing even further.— Phil Ireland, Clothingsites

Ecommerce brands that we’ve worked with