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Solutions for Email Marketing Suppliers & Agencies

Do you need some additional consultancy resource to help meet your client’s needs? Are you looking for an engaging report, whitepaper or webinar for lead generation and nurturing of your existing leads?

Or maybe your team could benefit from some bespoke training provided by the leading UK email marketing trainer to take them to the next level.

Drawing upon our extensive years of experience and thought leadership, we help service providers within the email marketing industry to fill their resource and knowledge gaps. Whether you’re an ESP, a technology provider of an email tool or an agency – we can help you to attract, acquire and retain your customers.

So get in touch today and let’s discover how Holistic can help you to achieve your goals.


Consulting with your clients – Helping you to fill your gaps in either resources or knowledge – all levels available.

“Prior to meeting Kath, her reputation as one of the top thought leaders in the email industry preceded her. Through colleagues and mutual friends, I was familiar with her work well before we met in 2010. After more than a year of working together and often speaking together, I am continuously impressed with Kath’s insights. She is what every strategist or thought leader should aspire to be — as personable as she is bright and as pragmatic as she is creative.” — Richard Evans, Silverpop

“I worked closely with Kath on an email client project earlier this year and she was a real pleasure to work with. She is highly efficient, professional, hard working, a stickler for detail and great when dealing with clients and delivering results. Kath’s particular focus on this project was email marketing, and she really knows her stuff. As the Econsultancy project manager, I found myself learning a lot from her as we worked together in responding to the client’s global email marketing brief.”  — Alex Shaida, Econsultancy