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Our eCRM & email marketing consulting is all about the customer journey

We’ve been doing email marketing for over 25 years and have therefore had the opportunity to hone our email marketing consulting process down to a fine art! Whether you’re an ecommerce brand, B2B brand, or an Agency or Supplier, we have had extensive experience in delivering email marketing consulting services to businesses like yours.

Our Process

email marketing consultancy


We do our homework! We take a good look at the different elements of your email marketing programme and produce an in-depth report identifying missed opportunities and recommendations.
Discovery Sessions
Email Marketing Audit
Email Marketing Workshop

email marketing consultancy


This is where the fun starts! In order to create a unified and connected customer journey and experience a robust strategy is required. The strategy draws upon the findings from the email marketing audit.
eCRM Strategy
Personalisation Strategy
Email Testing Strategy

email marketing consultancy


This is where we bring the strategy to life! Depending upon your internal resources, we’re flexible and can help as little or as much as required (we’re nice like that) .
Email & eCRM Implementation
Email Design & Copywriting
Marketing Automation
Ecommerce Email Solutions

Here’s what some of our clients have to say…

The email strategy and flows that Holistic Email Marketing & Hagopian Ink created delivered a 2x ROI in 6 months. We were able to lift and sustain our online our sales by 5% – 10% through 3 basic, yet, strategic email executions. And even better, we are doing it through email communications that are on brand, improving the frequency of our brand touches with our consumers. – Jen Pike, Cannadips

We asked Kath at short notice to help audit our CRM programme. Kath’s expertise was evident in how quickly she understood our particular challenges, and her audit and recommendations were both timely and insightful. We benefitted from immediately actionable changes as well as getting clear input on strategic goals, both of which will elevate our CRM performance. Kath was a pleasure to work with and I have no hesitation in recommending her. – Jamie MacNaughton, tails.com

After neglecting the channel, we knew that we needed to jumpstart our email program. To ensure that we went down a good path, we looked to Holistic marketing to help guide our efforts to drive better customer engagement and more commerce. Kath and her team provided welcomed expertise to collaborate on our strategy and map out the tactics that drove results for our new email program. Since bringing them on, we’ve made great improvements with our email testing endeavors, template design and triggered workflows. If you are looking email program help, then look no further than to Kath and her team. – Robert Dudley, TransUnion

I took my team to a workshop with Holistic Email Marketing to review our customer journey maps. My key focus was really just to get the team out of the office and into an environment where thoughts could flow freely without the distractions of work. However I must say we got so much more than that, Kath had really done her homework on the brand and already pointed out some quick wins we could action that we hadn’t even thought of. The afternoon was well structured and the team have actually taken on board her mapping technique and goal setting. Would highly recommend! – Jo Crawford, Mr Porter

Faced with some specific challenges in our CRM programme, we were keen to enlist the help of a consultancy who specialised in email marketing. Holistic delivered an exceptionally thorough audit of our email marketing programme, covering every aspect of the customer journey. The audit provided clear, actionable insights and plenty of things to aspire to. We’ve been able to implement some improvements immediately, and have added a whole host of others to our roadmap. We are excited for the future of our email marketing programme, and we look forward to working with Kath and the team in the future. – Justine McMenemy, Not on the High Street

Kath gave us a very comprehensive overview of our customer journey and helped us to see our business from a completely different perspective. When you’re stuck in the detail every day, Kath’s expert opinion was extremely valuable. She pointed out “quick wins” which we could immediately implement & longer-term strategies that we should be thinking of. Kath offered an outsider’s perspective with a wealth of knowledge. Would recommend to anyone serious about their CRM strategy! – Tor Hopkins, Kate Spade New York

I worked closely with Kath on an email client project earlier this year and she was a real pleasure to work with. She is highly efficient, professional, hard-working, a stickler for detail and great when dealing with clients and delivering results. Kath’s particular focus on this project was email marketing, and she really knows her stuff. As the Econsultancy project manager, I found myself learning a lot from her as we worked together in responding to the client’s global email marketing brief. — Alex Shaida, Econsultancy

Kath is fantastic and someone I hold in very high regard. She inspires me and her passion for email/CRM communications is amazing. She delivered a clear and concise email strategy for my company, which has allowed us to take our email marketing onto better routes to market. I cannot wait to work again with Kath. and drive our email marketing even further. — Phil Ireland, Clothingsites

We recognised Kath Pay as a leader in the industry, and as we wanted the best, we contacted Holistic to help us take a new approach to our email marketing. We needed a consultancy who could help us take our email marketing from ‘batch and blast’ to something more sophisticated, with conversions being our primary goal. Through the audit that Holistic performed, they helped identify missed opportunities and gave some great recommendations on how to take advantage of them. – Aamir Jiwa, Printerpix

The audit produced by Holistic Email has given us clear direction on how to move forward with our email marketing strategy. The audit investigated our entire customer journey, from website actions and content through to how leads are nurtured. The review of our existing email marketing campaigns highlighted some interesting points on what we were doing well and not so well. The overall audit outlines missed opportunities with valuable suggestions on how we can progress. – Hannah Barron, Country House Wedding Venues

We recently completed a newsletter audit with Kath and her team at Holistic Email Marketing and I just want to say how excited I am for going this route! The audit was an enlightening experience as a whole and I am super excited for the email related improvements that will follow! Kath has proved how doing ordinary things can become extraordinary simply by doing them with the right people, and I 100% recommend Kath and her team for any email related consulting one may seek – from strategy to optimization tricks, from simple email messages to the complete customer journey – her insights on email marketing topics are just so valuable! Starting working on the tasks from the audit, it was made apparent that greatness in the email industry comes from taking little smart steps and doing them consistently. I’m very thankful for Kath, and the fact that she is still providing valuable feedback, even after the completion of the audit. Very glad we chose them for the audit – I would do it again anytime! – Sanda Briciu, Tractive

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