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Our eCRM & email marketing consulting is all about the customer journey

We’ve been doing email marketing for over 18 years and have therefore had the opportunity to hone our email marketing consulting process down to a fine art! Whether you’re an ecommerce brand, B2B brand, or an Agency or Supplier, we have had extensive experience in delivering email marketing consulting services to businesses like yours.

Our Process

email marketing consultancy


We do our homework! We take a good look at the different elements of your email marketing programme and produce an in-depth report identifying missed opportunities and recommendations.
Discovery Sessions
Email Marketing Audit
Email Marketing Workshop

email marketing consultancy


This is where the fun starts! In order to create a unified and connected customer journey and experience a robust strategy is required. The strategy draws upon the findings from the email marketing audit.
eCRM Strategy
Personalisation Strategy
Email Testing Strategy

email marketing consultancy


This is where we bring the strategy to life! Depending upon your internal resources, we’re flexible and can help as little or as much as required (we’re nice like that) .
Email & eCRM Implementation
Email Design & Copywriting
Marketing Automation
Ecommerce Email Solutions

  • Ecommerce Brands

    Email marketing solutions for ecommerce brands Whether you’re in travel, retail, software or insurance, if you sell online you understand that the customer journey and how email fits into it is integral to success.

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  • Marketing Automation

    Marketing Automation for B2B Businesses: Are you wanting to benefit from this age of automation and personalisation? Does the idea of targeting prospects and customers based on their persona, and where they are in the funnel and life stage sound just what you’re looking for?

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  • Agencies and Suppliers

    Solutions for Email Marketing Suppliers & Agencies Do you need some additional consultancy resource to help meet your client’s needs? Are you looking for an engaging report, whitepaper or webinar for lead generation and nurturing of your existing leads?

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