Unpacking the Power of GenAI Copywriting  in Email Marketing

By Jonathan Pay

Email & More: GenAI Copywriting for Email Marketing with Skip Fidura, Kath Pay, Tony Allen, and Tracy Ilunga

“GenAI is not just a buzzword; it’s a tool that, if used correctly, can significantly enhance the effectiveness of email marketing,” commented Skip Fidura when opening the latest episode of Email More. Tracy Ilunga added to this by highlighting her use of AI for creating engaging subject lines, thereby enhancing customer journeys. Tony Allen shared his insights on using AI for content creation and translation, emphasising its role as a time-saver and efficiency booster.

Moderator Skip and panel–Tony Allen from Pearson, Tracy Ilunga from Eurostar, and Kath Pay from Holistic Email Marketing–delved deep into the intersection of artificial intelligence and email marketing. The episode sheds light on how GenAI copywriting is transforming the way marketers approach email campaigns, from crafting compelling subject lines to personalising content at scale. The panel shared their firsthand experiences, challenges, and the notable advantages of integrating AI into their strategies.

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Overcoming Challenges with GenAI

Despite its benefits, the speakers also touched upon the challenges faced when implementing AI in their workflows. According to Kath Pay, the journey with AI is a continuous learning process, requiring frequent adjustments and refinements to align with brand voice and marketing goals. Tony Allen pointed out the importance of teaching the AI tool about a brand’s tone of voice to ensure consistency across all outputs.

Embracing GenAI copywriting for Dynamic Email Marketing

Tony Allen highlighted the transformative impact of Gen-AI in creating content and reaching global audiences efficiently. He noted, “Generative AI saved us so much time that we were able to focus on more analytical projects.” This shift not only enhances productivity but also allows teams to concentrate on strategy and analytics, pushing the creative boundaries of email campaigns.

Kath Pay, an expert in persuasive copywriting, discussed the importance of refining AI outputs, emphasising that while GenAI can generate compelling content, human oversight is crucial to ensure brand voice consistency and to tailor the messaging effectively. She advised, “Testing AI-generated email content with more persuasive elements can provide valuable insights into email marketing effectiveness.”

Tracy Ilunga, shared insights on training AI models to adopt a brand’s tone of voice, making a crucial point that “Teaching the platform your brand’s tone of voice is crucial for creating authentic content.” This ensures that even automated communications feel personal and engaging to recipients.

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Key Takeaways from the Discussion

  1. GenAI as a Time-Saver and Creativity Booster: GenAI tools can drastically reduce the time spent on routine tasks, allowing marketers to focus on more complex, value-adding activities.
  2. Need for Human Touch: Despite GenAI’s capabilities, the necessity for human intervention remains significant, especially in creative processes and final content refinements to ensure the output aligns with brand standards and campaign goals.
  3. Enhanced Personalisation and Testing: AI can help personalise content at scale and facilitate extensive A/B testing. This allows teams to experiment with different approaches and quickly determine what works best for their audience.

Practical Tips for Implementing GenAI Copywriting in Email Marketing

For marketers venturing into the GenAI space, the panel offered invaluable advice:

  • Start Small and Train Your AI: Tracy Ilunga advises to start with manageable tasks, like improving subject lines, and gradually introduce AI to more complex tasks as comfort and familiarity grow. Feed it with the latest brand guidelines and successful content examples. The more it learns, the better it will perform.
  • Embrace GenAI as a Tool, Not a Replacement: Tony Allen encourages marketers to view AI as a supportive tool that augments, rather than replaces, the human touch in creative processes.
  • Practice and Patience: Kath Pay suggests using AI for personal assistance tasks initially to understand its capabilities and limitations before diving into more complex marketing applications.
  • Monitor and Optimise: Keep a close watch on the performance of AI-generated content versus human-created content. Use insights from data analytics to refine both your AI parameters and creative strategies.
  • Politeness and Interaction: The panel humorously discussed treating GenAI personas politely, as one would with a junior team member, emphasising the human-like interaction dynamics with AI tools.

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The integration of GenAI in email marketing offers a promising avenue to enhance content creation, personalize communications, and streamline operations. However, as Tony Allen aptly put it, “The way you use AI determines whether it will genuinely make your life easier or give you rubbish output.” Therefore, embracing AI involves a balanced approach of leveraging its computational power while guiding it with human creativity and strategic insight.

For those looking to dive deeper into the nuances of Gen-AI in email marketing, the Email & More series provides an excellent resource. Be sure to watch the full webinar to gain a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively integrate Gen-AI into your email marketing strategies.

Don’t miss out on all the insights, questions and answers from the full episode of Email & More: Gen-AI Copywriting for Email Marketing, available to watch on-demand both from our site and Youtube!

Many thanks to our special guests Tony Allen and Tracy Ilunga for joining our panel and lending their expertise as well as to our live audience for their valued participation and questions.

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