2018 email marketing trends

Round-up of 2017’s trends and predictions for 2018 email marketing trends

By Jonathan Pay

We’ve gathered a few of our favourite 2018 email marketing trends and predictions articles here for your ease. The bullet points are here to skim, but each one is definitely worth a proper read!

Envisioning Top 7 Email Design Trends for 2018

By Kevin George, published on Email Monks

  1. Dynamic Data
  2. Typography
  3. Leveraging Instagram
  4. Live polling in email
  5. Interaction and gamification
  6. HTML5 Video
  7. Highlighting the important phrase

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Top Customer Experience Trends to Watch in 2018

By Kristian Bannister, published on Pure360

  1. Customer-centricity will need to underpin every strategy.
  2. Brands that apply personalisation technology will be at an advantage.
  3. Putting customer needs before marketing goals.
  4. Shifting mindset from conversion to experience is key.
  5. Maintaining consistency across every touchpoint.
  6. Aligning experiences with how people actually shop.
  7. Those who get granular will get ahead.
  8. Understanding high-intent moments will unlock success.
  9. Attribution will be the biggest challenge in improving customer experience.

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10 Email Expert Predictions for 2018

By Eliot Ross, published on taxiforemail.com

  1. Marketers must make email preference centers part of their marketing efforts.
  2. Find your voice
  3. Treat each and every email as a customer service email
  4. Emoji use will skyrocket
  5. Email marketers start really focusing on meaningful personalisation
  6. The whole relationship will be more valuable to all involved
  7. Two watchwords for email marketing in 2018: Accessibility and Consent
  8. Make sure you test, with a plan
  9. Relevancy will be the only winner in the inbox in 2018!
  10. The whole relationship will be more valuable to all involved

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2018 Email Marketing Trends

By Carolanne Mangles, published on Smart Insights

  1. Respecting personal data will change your email marketing strategy
  2.  Mailable ‘Microsites’ are adopted by more companies to increase customer research, engagement, and retention
  3. Conversational tone is adopted for more personal interaction with audience
  4. More businesses push for mobile-friendly design
  5. Testing and deliverability need addressing further
  6. Personalization and segmentation remain a high priority to continue sharing dynamic and engaging content

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A Look into the Future: 6 Expert Email Marketing Predictions for 2018

By Kim Courvoisier, published on Campaign Monitor

  1. The marketing funnel as we know it is dead
  2. Email targeting will become turbocharged
  3. The journey to 1:1 personalization is on
  4. Marketers will own  the multi-channel experience like never before
  5. Predictive marketing metrics will become coveted by marketers
  6. A new type of combined email marketing automation is rising
  7. The community

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Email marketing trends 2018

By Maria Wachal, published on Freshmail
This infographic includes trend predictions from Laura Atkins, Kath Pay, Jordie van Rijn, Chad White, Samantha Iodice, and more.

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8 Cool Email Design Trends to Watch in the New Year

By Samantha Ferguson, published on Campaign Monitor

  1. More use of images and emojis in email
  2. Emotive design
  3. Progressive enhancements
  4. Greater accessibility
  5. Refined design processes
  6. Text-based emails
  7. A clear and easy way to unsubscribe
  8. Increased interactivity

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Top Email Design Trends for 2018

By Chad White, published on Litmus

  1. Creating interactive email experiences
  2. Focusing more on personalisation and subscriber lifetime value
  3. Using shorter, more bite-sized email content
  4. Building stronger narratives and storytelling
  5. Adding progressive enhancements to create richer experiences where supported
  6. Utilising language that’s more human
  7. Scaling email build systems through templates, modules, snippets, partials, etc.
  8. Increasing message variety to keep subscriber interest
  9. Improving email accessibility for people with disabilities (blind, color blind, etc.)
  10. Sending more text-only email

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GetResponse’s Guide to Email Marketing in 2018

By Martin Kura, published on GetResponse

  1. Marketing Automation
  2. A/B Testing
  3. Body Content Personalization
  4. Specific Subject Lines
  5. Emoji
  6. Embedded Videos
  7. Interactive Emails
  8. Landing Pages

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