Selecting Your Email Tech Stack: Key Insights From Email & More

By Jonathan Pay

In this discussion panel, hosted by Holistic Email Marketing and moderated by Skip Fidura, expert panelists Faithful Adia, Kisha Anderson, Lyndsey Howe, Ryan Phelan and Kath Pay delve into the critical considerations for selecting an email marketing tech stack. Highlighting the importance of addressing pain points, focusing on customer outcomes, and aligning your tech choices with strategic goals and brand needs.

Addressing Pain Points and Customer Outcomes

  • Global Mapping with What3Words: What3Words has revolutionized addressing by giving each square meter of the world a unique three-word designator, tackling the problem of unaddressed areas.
  • Focus on Pain Points: It’s crucial to understand and address the pain points and desired outcomes of your customers rather than just showcasing your product.
  • Evaluating Your Tech Stack: If your current tech stack is causing difficulties or not meeting your needs, it might be time to explore other options that can better address those pain points.
  • Integration and Data Sharing: Companies that initially opted for all-in-one solutions but failed to integrate necessary technologies now realize the importance of considering integration points and data sharing when selecting an email tech stack.
  • AI-Powered Tools: The use of AI tools like ChatGPT in email marketing raises concerns about the role of copywriting and the potential impact on job roles.

Strategic Goals and Brand Needs

  • Aligning with Strategic Goals: Stay focused on the strategic goals and needs of your brand to achieve the desired results and provide valuable services, products, and solutions.
  • Enhancing Productivity: Implementing a robust email tech stack can boost productivity and reduce the need for constant system changes and updates.
  • Early Planning: Start the process of replacing your email tech stack early, as it requires careful planning and implementation.
  • Understanding AI Technology: Awareness and understanding of AI technology are crucial, as competitors may already be using it to gain advantages in copywriting, analytics, optimization, A/B testing, and more.
  • Accelerating Business Goals: Effective email technology can help businesses achieve their goals faster.


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Organisations should carefully assess their marketing strategy and needs before adopting new technology. Prioritising functionality, value, and ethical considerations is essential when selecting an email marketing tech stack.

00:00 📧 Strategy and goals are paramount when selecting an email tech stack, considering the impact of data privacy and being cautious of becoming early adopters of new technology.

07:25 📧 Avoid constantly switching email platforms unless necessary, and be open to experimenting with new technologies for specific use cases once they are proven.

12:54 📧 Understand client needs, quantify value, consider multiple solutions, and strategically assess industry challenges to save budget and achieve better results.

21:52 📧 Focus on marketing strategy and adopt new technology only when there is a clear need, exploring alternatives if the current tech stack is insufficient.

28:47 📧 Assess the existing infrastructure, identify unused features, gather feedback, and prioritize replacement strategies based on the discovered information.

35:38 📧 Plan and implement an email tech stack with careful consideration of factors like timing, buy-in, and migration duration. Consider Plug and Play options for improved functionality and cost savings.

42:14 📧 Start early when replacing your marketing tech stack, considering cost, implementation time, and specific needs. Decide between all-in-one or best-of-breed solutions, noting a recent shift towards all-in-one platforms with best-in-class features.

49:37 📧 Understand and implement generative AI and ChatGPT in email marketing with a keen awareness of ethical issues and skepticism about companies’ AI claims.

Q&A Highlights

What should organisations prioritise when selecting an email marketing tech stack? Prioritise functionality, value, and ethical considerations.

What is the phenomenon called when organisations adopt new technology without fully understanding it? “Magpie marketers” are drawn to anything shiny and new.

What is the impact of data privacy in the age of technology? Data privacy is a significant concern, raising issues about regulations and content ownership.

What is the preferred approach to adopting new technology? Wait for the right time, assess competitors, and adopt new technology for specific use cases.

What should organisations focus on before diving into the technical aspects of a new tech stack? Understand the client’s pain points, current stack, and future needs.

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