Realise the benefits of Holistic Testing

By Brittany Rudkin

Last Thursday, we presented at Figaro Digital’s Email Marketing and CRM Seminar. We had a great time, with Kath speaking on ‘Realise the Benefits of Holistic Testing’.

Holistic Testing is a new testing approach that we’ve pioneered here at Holistic Email Marketing. A regularly-performed test based on a hypothesis is the essence of Holistic Testing. Unlike a typical A/B split test that is based on testing a factor and achieving the single aim of gaining an immediate uplift in a single campaign; Holistic testing has a two-fold aim.

  1. Finding out which version delivers the best result.
  2. Discovering long-term insights about your audience.

Why Test Holistically?

You’ll see the greatest benefits from Holistic testing by seeking long-term, valuable insights about your audience. You can then share these insights across many channels to drive your business objectives.

We had excellent feedback about the new testing approach and so we would love to share the recorded video and Slideshare with you. Let us know if you have any questions about this new approach – we’re always happy to help!

We have a winner…or two!

We had a giveaway of a Creative Review at our Holistic Live! Together event and the winner was Caroline Brunsch from Dice and for our Figaro Digital’s seminar, the winner was Ebony Bennett from The Spectator! So congratulations to them both – we’re looking forward to delivering a Creative Review to each of them in the very near future.

Also stayed tuned for our digital cheatsheet on Holistic Testing coming very soon. Sign up to Holistic Insights to hear about it first.

Video of the Figaro Digital session

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