Are retailers making the most of their welcome emails?

Welcome emails by retailers – are they making the most of this valuable opportunity? We recently analysed 80 retailers signup processes and welcome emails, and what amazed me the most was how 87% of retailers have their subscribe below the fold, invisible to all, with the exception of those who are determined to work hard and… keep reading →

Email Subscribe Forms Report

Are your email subscribe forms ready for GDPR?

How do your email subscribe forms stand up? We’ve been hearing many conflicting stories about how well EU marketers are preparing to handle all the many changes that GDPR will bring to their acquisition. So, we decided to see for ourselves. Now the verdict is in: Some retailers will be ready to go on May… keep reading →

Helpful email marketing

Transition to ‘Helpful Email Marketing’

Helpful Email Marketing Helpful email marketing can even help you achieve one of your marketing goals – competitive superiority over everybody else in the inbox. You help your customers achieve their objectives. They, in turn, help you achieve yours. Everybody wins! Everybody talks about being “customer-centric” in their email marketing plans. “Putting the customer first”… keep reading →

Black Friday

Black Friday – How was it for you?

We’re writing a report with our friends at Taxi for Email on what it’s like to make email campaigns for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday period, and we’d love to hear your thoughts. We know your time is valuable so this will only take a couple of minutes. If you want to be sent the report, then… keep reading →