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Holistic Live! Together with Pure360 in Manchester

By Brittany Rudkin

Last Wednesday, 5th July, we went up to Manchester for Holistic Live! Together; our event ‘It’s all about Marketing Automation’ with inspiring yet practical talks by Kath Pay of Holistic Email Marketing & Komal Helyer of Pure360.

We were absolutely chuffed with the brilliant feedback we received, it was so good to see how everyone benefited from attending.

“Fantastic event! Really inspiring and nice to chat with other companies to see what other people are doing.” — Rachael, Footasylum

“Refreshing, informative and very relevant. Great to have an approachable event that goes beyond the buzzwords” — Gemma, On the Beach

“Holistic Live! Together gave me practical, exciting, unique tools to engage my digital audience and deliver a meaningful experience” Charlotte, CFCCA

“We only know what we know at any given time, sometimes an expert is needed, to save headaches” — Emma, The Crazy Wellness Coach

We loved meeting everyone and talking through the pains and gains of email marketing.

We’re looking forward to heading to Bristol in September with ‘It’s all about marketing automation’ with Pure360. Find out more here.

We are planning on doing many more Holistic Live! Together with other special guests in the future. Sign up to our mailing list to stay up to date or contact us at together@holisticemail.com

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