Find Your Low-hanging Fruit to Increase Email Conversions

By Jonathan Pay

Email & More: Find Your Low-hanging Fruit to Increase Email Conversions title card

Elevating Email Conversions: Insights from Email & More

Leveraging low-hanging fruit in email marketing can lead to substantial increases in conversion rates. Email & More’s panel discussion series brought together top experts to explore practical strategies for enhancing email marketing efforts. If you missed this insightful discussion, you can catch up by watching the complete panel here.

Expert Strategies to Boost Email Effectiveness

1. Begin with Segmentation Beata Linz emphasized the foundational strategy of segmentation, suggesting, “No matter what you do, you need to start segmenting from the get-go.” Targeting specific groups within your audience based on behaviors or demographics can dramatically increase the relevance and impact of your campaigns.

2. Optimize Trigger Emails Tom Rickards discussed the significant impact of optimizing trigger emails, such as those for cart abandonment. By adjusting simple elements like the timing of these emails, marketers can see a remarkable improvement in performance.

3. Conduct Regular Email Audits Kath Pei recommended routine audits as a method to discover and leverage easy wins within your email strategy. She pointed out, “Go and do that audit… it’s going to bring to light the low-hanging fruit—those small tweaks you can immediately capitalize on.”

Actionable Tips for Marketers

  • Prioritize Quick Wins: Identify and implement changes that are easy to execute but have the potential for a big impact, such as revising email subject lines or optimizing send times.
  • Embrace Testing and Continuous Improvement: Constantly test different aspects of your email campaigns and use the insights gained to refine your approach.
  • Utilize Automation Tools: Employ marketing automation tools to enhance efficiency and personalize interactions based on user behavior and data insights.

Encouragement to Dive Deeper

The panelists shared a wealth of insights that can significantly influence any email marketing strategy. While the tips provided here are a great starting point, the full discussion offers much more depth. Email marketing professionals, both beginners and veterans, are encouraged to view the entire webinar to gain a comprehensive understanding of the strategies discussed.


Boosting email conversions doesn’t always require an overhaul of your entire strategy. Often, focusing on simple, actionable changes—those low-hanging fruits—can lead to significant improvements. By implementing the strategies discussed and continuously optimizing based on performance data, marketers can meet and exceed their email marketing goals.

For an in-depth exploration of these topics and expert advice, make sure to watch the complete panel. It’s a vital resource for anyone looking to enhance their email marketing skills and achieve better results.