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5 Tips to Help You Think About the Big Picture with Test Results

Marketers use data to interpret test results, but sometimes you need to look beyond the numbers to understand how your tests fit into the overall customer experience. Our recent work with a client that provides background screenings for landlords and property managers generated some fascinating data. It also helped illuminate 5 tips you can use… keep reading →

An open mind is one of your most important data tools

An open mind is key when you investigate your data

The Holistic team and I discovered something unexpected recently while analysing activity in a client’s customer database. This surprising information shed new light on how we segment customers and how we message them based on what our data is telling us. Although our programme is still a work in progress, I’m sharing my thinking with… keep reading →

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Why Helpful Marketing Should Outlast the Pandemic

Although the COVID-19 pandemic is still with us to varying degrees, many of us are beginning to resume the lives that went on pause in 2020. We’ve learned much about ourselves and each other, and our worlds, though still recognizable, are not the same. Marketing, especially email marketing, went through a big change, too. Successful… keep reading →

Why Creative Campaigns are Worth the Risk

Getting attention in your customer’s inbox is harder than ever today, thanks to high volumes and stricter ISP rules on which emails make it to the inbox. That’s why creativity plays such an important role in gaining and holding your customer’s attention. It’s not enough to have the latest email technology. It isn’t even enough… keep reading →

Purist vs. Pragmatist: What Kind of Email Marketer Are You?

What kind of email marketer are you? This question sounds like a sketchy Facebook quiz. But I’m asking for a legitimate reason. Here’s the set-up: An email marketer—sometimes a novice but not always—asks whether double opt-in is the only way to add subscribers to a mailing list that complies with data privacy laws and email… keep reading →