Holistic Live! Circle Roundtable May 2018

We recently hosted another Holistic Live! Circle roundtable, joined with our sponsors Emarsys and Zmags. Moderated by our own Kath Pay, with Dave Littlechild, Global Partner at Emarsys, and Chris Osborne, European Operations for Zmags assisting in the discussions. Joining us were senior CRM & Email Marketers from Which!, L.V, Mr. Porter, Anthropologie, Ralph Lauren,… keep reading →

How Holistic Testing Can Bring You Greater Rewards

Do you have a holistic testing strategy? Testing is the best way to find out what makes your customers tick, but if you market across multiple digital channels, you must come up with a testing protocol for each channel: email, web, social media, retargeting, SMS etc. Or do you? And even though you already know… keep reading →

Realise the benefits of Holistic Testing

Last Thursday, we presented at Figaro Digital’s Email Marketing and CRM Seminar. We had a great time, with Kath speaking on ‘Realise the Benefits of Holistic Testing’. Holistic Testing is a new testing approach that we’ve pioneered here at Holistic Email Marketing. A regularly-performed test based on a hypothesis is the essence of Holistic Testing.… keep reading →

Use Email Testing Insights Across Other Digital Marketing Channels

We already know that email can form the hub of your digital marketing program, with the email address housing all of your information about each customer in your database. Now, I want you to think how email testing can also drive your multichannel testing program to gain insights across your entire customer database. Think about… keep reading →