Are We as Customer-centric as We Think?

We marketers like to say we are customer-centric. We give “customer centricity” and “customer experience” the nod in our public commentaries. The Google Trends search trend pictured below shows a marked increase in “customer-centric” searches, which indicates that many of us are on board with this concept. However, is that the reality in our day-to-day… keep reading →

Holistic Live! Circle Roundtable May 2018

We recently hosted another Holistic Live! Circle roundtable, joined with our sponsors Emarsys and Zmags. Moderated by our own Kath Pay, with Dave Littlechild, Global Partner at Emarsys, and Chris Osborne, European Operations for Zmags assisting in the discussions. Joining us were senior CRM & Email Marketers from Which!, L.V, Mr. Porter, Anthropologie, Ralph Lauren,… keep reading →

Let Strategy Drive Your Technology Decisions

Choosing a new email or marketing automation platform is like being invited to pick out your own present from an array of tempting goodies. Will you pick the one that makes you happy? Or, will you end up with buyer’s remorse? This article offers you many excellent ideas to help you make the wisest technology… keep reading →