Lead with Strategy – An Email & More Recap

Life in the marketing trenches can be an exercise of stressful tunnel vision. There can be so much pressure to get the next campaign out the door that there’s no time to sit back and look at the big picture. To achieve anything more than fumbling blindly in the dark marketers need a strategy. This… keep reading →

9 steps to make an email reactivation program that really works

Learn how to revive dormant email subscribers and boost your ROI with these expert tips and examples of winning email campaigns. It is a “truth universally acknowledged,” to quote Jane Austen, that it’s cheaper to retain old customers than acquire new ones. So why don’t marketers do a better job of winning back customers who… keep reading →

lonely road - loss aversion in email marketing

Why and how to use loss aversion in email marketing (plus 4 examples)

Avoiding loss and pain can be a potent motivating force. Here are tips for using this psychological approach in your email campaigns. As customer acquisition keeps getting more expensive, it makes sense to market more effectively to the customers you already have. Using psychological approaches in your email campaigns can motivate customers to act instead… keep reading →