Using Persuasion to Move Customers Along on Their Journey

Persuasion: It’s not just the title of a Jane Austen novel. Persuasion is at the heart of all effective advertising and marketing. I’m not talking about dodgy tactics that trick customers into opening and clicking on emails. Instead, I mean the persuasive principles and tactics that help customers to make decisions and move through the… keep reading →

Find Your Low-hanging Fruit to Increase Email Conversions

Elevating Email Conversions: Insights from Email & More Leveraging low-hanging fruit in email marketing can lead to substantial increases in conversion rates. Email & More’s panel discussion series brought together top experts to explore practical strategies for enhancing email marketing efforts. If you missed this insightful discussion, you can catch up by watching the complete… keep reading →

9 steps to make an email reactivation program that really works

Learn how to revive dormant email subscribers and boost your ROI with these expert tips and examples of winning email campaigns. It is a “truth universally acknowledged,” to quote Jane Austen, that it’s cheaper to retain old customers than acquire new ones. So why don’t marketers do a better job of winning back customers who… keep reading →

Selecting Your Email Tech Stack: Key Insights From Email & More

In this discussion panel, hosted by Holistic Email Marketing and moderated by Skip Fidura, expert panelists Faithful Adia, Kisha Anderson, Lyndsey Howe, Ryan Phelan and Kath Pay delve into the critical considerations for selecting an email marketing tech stack. Highlighting the importance of addressing pain points, focusing on customer outcomes, and aligning your tech choices… keep reading →