Are You Paying Too Much for Your ESP?

What’s holding your email marketing programme back from helping you achieve all of your marketing goals? I’m not asking if something is keeping your programme from advancing. Even successful marketers run into roadblocks. You might think the answer is to shop around for more advanced technology. But, you might end up paying too much for… keep reading →

Personalization: It’s Both an Art and a Science

Personalization: It’s Both an Art and a Science

As marketers, we focus almost exclusively on the science of personalization – gathering the data, setting up segments and triggers, figuring out the mechanics of automating emails, creating and testing the email content and coordinating with other channels to create an omni-channel approach. We aren’t as well versed in the art of personalization—the ideas and practices… keep reading →

Helpful email marketing

Transition to ‘Helpful Email Marketing’

Helpful Email Marketing Helpful email marketing can even help you achieve one of your marketing goals – competitive superiority over everybody else in the inbox. You help your customers achieve their objectives. They, in turn, help you achieve yours. Everybody wins! Everybody talks about being “customer-centric” in their email marketing plans. “Putting the customer first”… keep reading →


2 Ways to Solve Your Greatest Email Personalisation Challenges

Wow! I’m still buzzing from the fantastic Holistic Live Circle we hosted recently with our friends at Pure360. Komal Helyer, Pure360’s marketing director, and I talked with marketers from a wide range of industries about what they’re doing right now to increase conversions: what works, what doesn’t, and how marketers can drive higher conversions from… keep reading →