Exploring the Mail Privacy Protection Impact on Email Personalisation

The Mail Privacy Protection impact extends beyond just open rates, affecting dynamic content personalisation. Few events generated as much concern in email marketer circles as the advent of Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection feature in 2021. MPP, as it is commonly called, was one of several privacy-focused changes Apple has introduced in recent years to restrict… keep reading →

Attribution, Metrics and Reporting

As the cynical say, you can prove anything with statistics and in the world of email marketing there’s no shortage of numbers to pick from. Emails sent, emails opened, click-throughs and more are all fastidiously reported by our platforms. But all those numbers are for nothing if we’re using them wrong. And there are few… keep reading →

Error message - facebook failure highlights why email reigns

Facebook failure highlights why email reigns

What were you doing when Facebook went down on Monday? If you were like many of your fellow marketers, you were tearing your hair out because you couldn’t access any Facebook-owned sites like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. No social posting. No campaign research, launches or analysis. Gaahhhhh! But some resourceful email marketers seized the opportunity… keep reading →