Are We as Customer-centric as We Think?

We marketers like to say we are customer-centric. We give “customer centricity” and “customer experience” the nod in our public commentaries. The Google Trends search trend pictured below shows a marked increase in “customer-centric” searches, which indicates that many of us are on board with this concept. However, is that the reality in our day-to-day… keep reading →

3 Steps to Put Marketing Back Into Omni-Channel Marketing

The joy of omni-channel marketing is that it gives us many opportunities to connect with customers all along their journeys with our brands. Too often, though, we focus on the channels themselves and not on the strategies that drive the way we use those channels to achieve our marketing and business objectives. Even with technology… keep reading →

Are retailers making the most of their welcome emails?

Welcome emails by retailers – are they making the most of this valuable opportunity? We recently analysed 80 retailers signup processes and welcome emails, and what amazed me the most was how 87% of retailers have their subscribe below the fold, invisible to all, with the exception of those who are determined to work hard and… keep reading →

Holistic Live! Together - marketing automation event

April’s Holistic Live! Together Round-up

Last week we had our second Holistic Live! Together, a morning meet up partnered with Pure360.  Kath Pay from Holistic Email and Komal Helyer from Pure360 spoke at our recent Marketing Automation event. A big thank you for all the people who came and made it such a fab event with lots of great questions… keep reading →