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Think strategy, not tactics, when choosing email marketing technology

This blog offers you many ideas to help you make the wisest technology choices for your company and digital marketing program. I’d like to start with one major consideration: The technology you choose must support, enable and advance your objectives and strategies. Too often, it’s the reverse. A marketer jumps on a shiny and new feature and then… keep reading →

Realise the benefits of Holistic Testing

Last Thursday, we presented at Figaro Digital’s Email Marketing and CRM Seminar. We had a great time, with Kath speaking on ‘Realise the Benefits of Holistic Testing’. Holistic Testing is a new testing approach that we’ve pioneered here at Holistic Email Marketing. A regularly-performed test based on a hypothesis is the essence of Holistic Testing.… keep reading →

Tackle inactives by designing for their buyer personalities

We talk a lot about how to wake up inactive subscribers and customers, but none of the usual strategies and tactics tackle one of the root causes: Your email’s personality doesn’t appeal to most of your subscribers.Here’s what I mean: Your emails might appeal mainly to people who have only one or possibly two of… keep reading →