Customer Experience and Retention

The panel was unanimous – as much as possible emails should strive to make recipients feel special by addressing their particular needs while making things as simple as possible for them to get through. “Customer experience is not just at the checkout or when choosing a delivery slot, but at every touchpoint that you share… keep reading →

Find Your Low-hanging Fruit to Increase Email Conversions

Elevating Email Conversions: Insights from Email & More Leveraging low-hanging fruit in email marketing can lead to substantial increases in conversion rates. Email & More’s panel discussion series brought together top experts to explore practical strategies for enhancing email marketing efforts. If you missed this insightful discussion, you can catch up by watching the complete… keep reading →

Selecting Your Email Tech Stack: Key Insights From Email & More

In this discussion panel, hosted by Holistic Email Marketing and moderated by Skip Fidura, expert panelists Faithful Adia, Kisha Anderson, Lyndsey Howe, Ryan Phelan and Kath Pay delve into the critical considerations for selecting an email marketing tech stack. Highlighting the importance of addressing pain points, focusing on customer outcomes, and aligning your tech choices… keep reading →

Winning Strategies for Re-Engagement: The Power of Win-Back Email Campaigns

In the fast-paced world of email marketing, re-engaging inactive subscribers remains a perennial challenge. Subscribers drift away for myriad reasons — inbox overload, changing interests, or simply because they forgot about your brand. Regardless of the reason, win-back email campaigns are a golden opportunity to reignite their interest. This blog post delves into the wisdom… keep reading →