Unpacking the Power of GenAI Copywriting  in Email Marketing

“GenAI is not just a buzzword; it’s a tool that, if used correctly, can significantly enhance the effectiveness of email marketing,” commented Skip Fidura when opening the latest episode of Email More. Tracy Ilunga added to this by highlighting her use of AI for creating engaging subject lines, thereby enhancing customer journeys. Tony Allen shared… keep reading →

Lead with Strategy – An Email & More Recap

Life in the marketing trenches can be an exercise of stressful tunnel vision. There can be so much pressure to get the next campaign out the door that there’s no time to sit back and look at the big picture. To achieve anything more than fumbling blindly in the dark marketers need a strategy. This… keep reading →

Email & More's Calls to Action That Convert

Calls to Action that Convert

Calls to Action that Convert Getting the call to action wrong is like tripping at the last hurdle in a leg race. You were doing so well! The subject line drew in the recipient to open it. The content engaged them enough to read it. And then… nothing. The email sits there, the call to… keep reading →

Attribution, Metrics and Reporting

As the cynical say, you can prove anything with statistics and in the world of email marketing there’s no shortage of numbers to pick from. Emails sent, emails opened, click-throughs and more are all fastidiously reported by our platforms. But all those numbers are for nothing if we’re using them wrong. And there are few… keep reading →

Customer Experience and Retention

The panel was unanimous – as much as possible emails should strive to make recipients feel special by addressing their particular needs while making things as simple as possible for them to get through. “Customer experience is not just at the checkout or when choosing a delivery slot, but at every touchpoint that you share… keep reading →