Winning Strategies for Re-Engagement: The Power of Win-Back Email Campaigns

In the fast-paced world of email marketing, re-engaging inactive subscribers remains a perennial challenge. Subscribers drift away for myriad reasons — inbox overload, changing interests, or simply because they forgot about your brand. Regardless of the reason, win-back email campaigns are a golden opportunity to reignite their interest. This blog post delves into the wisdom… keep reading →

effective email call to action graphic

Beyond ‘click here:’ 4 rules for better email CTAs

“Click here” is a terrible call to action for email campaigns. Here are tips and examples to help you develop better ones. I’ll get straight to the point: “Submit” and “Click here” are ineffective calls to action (CTAs) for your email campaigns. (I’ll explain why a few paragraphs down.) If you need help with CTA… keep reading →

Email marketing test results - data streams

5 Tips to Help You Think About the Big Picture with Test Results

Marketers use data to interpret test results, but sometimes you need to look beyond the numbers to understand how your tests fit into the overall customer experience. Our recent work with a client that provides background screenings for landlords and property managers generated some fascinating data. It also helped illuminate 5 tips you can use… keep reading →