effective email call to action graphic

Beyond ‘click here:’ 4 rules for better email CTAs

“Click here” is a terrible call to action for email campaigns. Here are tips and examples to help you develop better ones. I’ll get straight to the point: “Submit” and “Click here” are ineffective calls to action (CTAs) for your email campaigns. (I’ll explain why a few paragraphs down.) If you need help with CTA… keep reading →

woman looking at phone with hearts coming out - 4 emails that customers will love

4 emails that customers love — and help them love you

Sending helpful emails (aka emails that customers love) lets customers feel more attached to your brand, making it more likely for them to purchase your product or service. Is your brand easy to love? It is if your products and services are better than anyone else’s for the price. But that’s not the only way… keep reading →